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Gregorius Peter Lie ST, MT, IAI. Born in 1985, He majored in architectural  engineering at Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Indonesia. After completing bachelor degree in architecture, he continued his Magister by taking Urban Planning and Real Estate Development at Tarumanagara University. In 2005 He established LIE ATELIER, an independent architectural consultant, began on residential, resort, hotels to mix use building. Having worked in developer companies and also run his own consultant company, makes him understands the complexities, challenges and possibilities of the built environment. in 2010 he collaborated with Astrid Siswanto, a partner and a good friend. After collaboration company name changed to PA Architects under PT Artha Prima International

Astrid Siswanto, ST, MT, MM. Born in 1984, She majored in architectural engineering at             Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Indonesia. during Her college career She had become the chief editor of the architecture magazine SKETSA. after completing Her bachelor degree, She continued Her Master degree by taking a double degree in Magister of Technic and Magister of Management at the University of Tarumanagara. In 2006 She started iDNA, an architectural and interior consultant firm. Managing from residential, hotel and schools  project. in 2010 She  collaborated with Peter Lie

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